Tips - Buyer and Seller

Once every 4 years: This is the most well know exemption, given once every four years for one apartment sold by the seller, even if he is the owner of additional apartments. Exemption for single apartment: This is an exemption given to a seller who has not sold an apartment in the 18 months preceding the current sale, and additionally, did not own more than one apartment at any given time during the preceding four years.


Betterment tax is levied and paid to the local authorities in regard to the increase in the value of real estate that has occurred as a result of a change, for example: building an additional storey or a basement, the field received approval agricultural to residential, or by increasing the amount of meterage that can be built.


Check recent closing prices of similar homes, look at other available properties in your area, and how long those properties have been on the market. So that you don’t lose potential buyers, remember that a home that has been on the market has a lower probability of being sold. Buyers become suspicious as to why the home hasn’t been sold and whether there is some hidden problem.

Don’t decide after only one visit. Visit the property several times to get a good look (day time, night time, and on weekends). Check thoroughly that all of the various devices in the apartment are in working order, including windows and blinds, air conditioning systems, faucets, and cupboards.


Buying Land - price varies depending on the size of the lot and the residential area. Make sure the lot is not under a power line, because of the danger of radiation and because of the difficulty of selling it in the future. Make sure the lot is located in the ancient. It is recommended to buy a plot near infrastructure and development. You should check about future plans in the near field.


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