Have you noticed a pattern every year before Passover? Torrential rain followed by a heat wave following, a sand cloud from Egypt just before spring cleaning, swarms of locusts come from the pyramids, and French people arriving in droves to Israel. 

Friday afternoon, February 2014, warm pleasant weather brings around 4,000 people to the apartment fair. Couples with and without kids come to the fair and leave loaded with catalogs in a hard bag given to them from one of the presenting companies. Wondering smiling faces enter the fair only to leave an hour later looking downtrodden, asking themselves why they wasted 25 Shekels on parking. 

Only in Petah Tikva can you find Kfar Ganim, Hadar Ganim, Bat Ganim, Neve Gan, and many other “Ganim”. Petah Tikva is full of “gardens” with no green in sight, no actual gardens. The next neighborhood to be built will probably be called Savta Ganim (Granny Gardens), a perfect name for the old-wives tale about gardens in Petah Tikva. 

There is a financial anomaly in the prices of assets in Israel as Petah Tikva and Savyon. If you are looking for homes for sale in Israel, this article will help you to understand the Israeli real estate situation. Sometime at the turn of the millennium, a single-family home on 0.12 acres cost about 480,000 dollars. Today the price of such a house has doubled the price several times and is worth 2,500,000 dollars. 

In recent years, homes in the Kfar Ganim Gimel neighborhood in Petah Tikva near its older siblings Kfar Ganim Aleph and Kfar Ganim Bet have been very much in demand. Interest has come from locals as well as other parts of Gush Dan, the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.


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